Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Comprehensive Compounds

In putting together a bit of a vocab list for Livy V, I noticed that Livy uses each of the following compounds of fero, ferre, tuli, latus in various forms at some point in the book:
  • affero: to bring to, report, announce
  • aufero: to take away, remove, steal
  • circumfero: to carry around, spread around, divulge
  • confero: to bring together, collect, discuss
  • defero: to carry down, transfer,
  • differo: to postone, delay, put off, scatter, disperse
  • infero: to bring in, carry in, import
  • offero: to offer, present
  • perfero: to carry through, endure, suffer
  • refero: to bring back, withdraw, return, report
  • suffero: to bear, endure, suffer
  • transfero: to transport, convey, carry across
In my cursory examination I couldn't find an example of effero, so he doesn't quite use every possible compound, but it seems like a pretty comprehensive list all the same. Are there any other compounds of fero which he hasn't used, and which haven't occurred to me?

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